Ana Tess is a model and stylist based in New York City.

She has a graduate degree in Journalism at Lomonosov MSU, certificate in Multimedia Journalism at University of Westminster in London.

She worked for Conde Nast Russia as a stylist assistant.

In NYC she assisted for top stylists like Clare Richardson (Vogue UK, Holiday Magazine), Robert Rydberg (H&M), Anya Ziourova (Vogue China, Vogue Arabia, Vogue Spain, Elle USA, Allure, Harper's Bazaar Spain, Maybelline), Emilie Hultqvist (The Last Magazine, Zoo Magazine, Numero Russia), Connie Berg (Who What Wear, Harper’s Bazaar, Plaza Kvinna, Puss Puss, The Frontlash, Pepsi, Byrdie), Jasmine Hassett (Vogue.it), William Graper, Tony Irvine,Christine Souza, Brandy Joy Smith (Brides, Pop Sugar, Hearst Media).

Currently she works at Rose&Ivy Journal as a fashion editor and doing her own freelance projects.